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Blockboard Vs Plywood: How to Make the Right Choice

There are several types of engineered wood available in the market. Some of them include plywood, hardboard, blockboard, particle board, MDF, etc. Among these, Plywood and blockboard find particular use in home decoration and furniture making. Most plywood dealers and manufacturers suggest that both the products are suitable for all-purpose.

Blockboard sample available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Blockboard sample

This confuses the homeowners while choosing the best fit for their home interior. Plywood and blockboard possess different properties which makes them very diverse. Owing to these problems, we are giving here a brief comparison of plywood and blockboard which will help you take the right decision.



Plywood is a wooden panel that we get by stacking and gluing wood veneer sheets. High pressure and temperature press the layer combination and turn it into a solid sheet.


Blockboard consists of softwood wood strips between the two layers of wood veneers. The pieces run edge-to-edge between hardwood veneer sheets. Glue and high temperature and pressure further turn the whole combination into a blockboard.

Hardwood Plywood available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Hardwood Plywood



1. Homemakers use plywood for building custom furniture for homes and offices. Over time, plywood sags or bends from the center. In that case, we recommend avoiding it when you are planning to build furniture that lasts for generations.

2. Due to its rigid and robust nature, many contractors use plywood for concrete shuttering panels, walls and roofs, floors.

3. BWR grade plywood makes it to the list when you are looking for furniture and overhead cabinets for kitchen designing.

4. You can observe that ships and boats use marine grade plywood to build the structure and other essential parts.


1. If you have requirements like making furniture which requires lengthy pieces, go with blockboard.

2. Blockboard is stiff and does not bend like plywood, and that’s why contractors prefer it for almost every big and heavy furniture like bookshelves, tables, wall panels, benches, doors, sliding, etc.

3. It is easy to transport and install and that makes it the leading choice for any interior or exterior work.

Blockboard surface available at Ambience Home Decor
Blockboard surface



1. Maintenance of plywood is easy, and you can remove the dust and dirt by using a dry dusting cloth.

2. Try to remove the spills of water or any liquid from the surface immediately and clean with a dry cloth.


1. Maintenance of blockboard is super easy as you can remove the dust and dirt from the surface using a dry dusting cloth.

2. Make sure not to wipe it with a wet mop and keep it away from water.

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1. If you can prevent the plywood from getting wet and away from moisture, it holds on for a very long period.

2. If you laminate it, it can even last for 50 years or more as it remains dry throughout.


1. Blockboard possesses a lesser life span as compared to plywood under ideal conditions.

2. If we compare it to other engineered wood products, it can outperform others in terms of life and durability.

Hardwood Plywood available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Hardwood Plywood

Final Words

Depending upon the purpose, area, and budget, we can easily select plywood and blockboard. For making custom furniture which supports heavy loads and for kitchen cabinets, we recommend you to go with plywood.

For furniture such as shelves, tables, benches, etc. we recommend you to choose blockboard.

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