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7 Helpful Pointers To Choose The Best Plywood For Your Home Interior

Seems like you want to divide a room in two, for utilizing the space better. Or you want to replace the old, deteriorated bathroom door with a new and good one? Believe me, Ply board can do wonders for all these types of construction or renovation requirements. But selecting the best plywood for all your home renovation is not an easy task, especially when there are huge varieties of ply boards available out there in the market. However, after going through all the 7 tips in this article, I am pretty sure you will figure out the best type of plywood for all your interior needs.

1. Take the location of construction into account

Want to replace a bathroom door? Then you must choose the plywood with water-resistant capability. Planning to get a new kitchen table? Make sure the plywood you pick has a property to resist itself from fire and moisture. Now if you plan to build a wooden roof or false ceiling, then you must choose the heavy duty water resistant exterior grade plywood. So, the point is, determine the location of the construction before you visit any shop. Else, the plywood shop might mislead you, and you will end up with a disastrous result.

2. Decide whether you want the best look or the best use

There usually are two types of plywood- one good looking and the other bad looking. The difference is- the bad looking is a hardy variant and lasts longer as compared to the good looking board. If your main concern is durability, then always go for the bad looking one. You need to spend some extra cash on painting and staining them. But that’s totally worth, seeing the long-life and performance of the board.

Heavy Duty Plywood available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Heavy Duty Plywood

3. Always select the right grade plywood

We strongly recommend that you always go for the heavy duty plywood for construction works. As it’s capable of resisting a lot of punishment like the kitchen table, bathroom door. However, there are certain places which are not expected to receive a heavy usage like room partition, inside of a cabinet. In those places, you can use an affordable range of ply boards. You will get the long-lasting result without spending huge cash.

4. Make sure you go for hardwood plywoods

While you are in the shop looking for ply boards, always look for the label that says- 100% hardwood products. This indicates that the ply is made of wood extracted from deciduous trees. It lasts for ages if you properly maintain and take appropriate care. We believe that Gurjan wood lasts longer than their counterparts. The initial costs are a bit higher, but it will save you some serious cash in the longer run.

Hardwood Plywoods at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Hardwood Plywoods for tough places and long-life

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5. Don’t forget to check the ISI mark

ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute. This institute gives ratings to all the products based upon some parameters set by them. A product having an ISI mark indicates that the product is safe and durable to use. Locally manufactured ply board might not carry an ISI mark at it is not good enough in quality. To make sure you are spending at the right place, always go for ply boards bearing the ISI mark.

ISI marked plywood available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
ISI marked plywood

6. Go for low-emission plywood

These days, even vehicles are eco-friendly, then why not ply board. It is the responsibility of every citizen to preserve nature. So, it is strongly recommended to go for eco-friendly plywood. Ask your plywood dealer for low-emission variants of ply boards for your home interior use.

low-emission plywood available at Ambience Home Decor Patna
Low Emission Plywood

7. Look for non-stained ply boards

Pre-stained ply boards can carry imperfections in the grain hidden under the stains. For better result, go ahead and buy the unstained ply board and get it stained before construction. This will help you get the perfect stain matching your home interior design.

We strongly recommend you to keep these 7 points in mind while selecting the right kind of plywood. Also, try out Ambience Home Decor shop in Patna if you want to get all the things under one roof. We are pretty sure you will find Ambience Home Decor the best option you have come across.

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