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Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are practical, highly manageable, stylish and technical. It offers an excellent and totally new way to cook food for your family. But before you choose your best design suitable for your available space, pay attention to the technical aspects. It will help you get a hassle-free kitchen in the house.

1. Define the Space Available

The design of the modular kitchen depends on the dimension of your kitchen space and its layout. For example, if you have a smaller area, a parallel or straight kitchen will work as the best possible layout for you. Similarly, getting an island in a small space will clutter the space unnecessarily. Moreover, if you have a larger area, go with an L-shaped, U-shaped or an Island layout kitchen.

2. Electrical Fixtures

Kitchen needs some electric appliances and proper plumbing. Likewise, having slots of electric and plumbing in mind will ease in designing the space. So, if you are living in an apartment, these small things matter a lot. Subsequently, having your own house can handle such issues where you can plan it according to modular units. Therefore, make sure to have a natural outlet for water. Also, keep the kitchen room well lit and ventilated.

Electrical sockets in modular kitchen
Electrical sockets in modular kitchen

3. Analyse Storage Requirements

The main reason people opt for a modular kitchen is that it comes with proper storage units. So, it needs to be analysed to plan drawers, shelf cabinets, or wall units. The storage capacity depends a lot on the overall usage pattern like grocery stock, weekly/monthly supplies. If there are elderly people in your home, pull out drawers need to be smooth, accessible and convenient to operate.

4. The Countertop

If you are investing a lot of money in getting a modular kitchen, you will always look for its longevity. A countertop is the busiest part of any kitchen, and it needs your special attention. Prefer choosing materials like granite, marble, or engineered stone to keep it sturdy for water use.

Countertop in modular kitchen
Countertop in modular kitchen

5. Choose Good Reflector Colours

To make things easily visible inside the kitchen, we strongly recommend avoiding dark colours like black and brown. Always insist on installing the electric chimney over the cooking range for proper ventilation.

6. Drawers Versus Cabinets

We strongly recommend preferring drawers over cabinets for maximum optimization of the storage space. Also, go for steel-wood combination for a longer life of the modular kitchen.

Drawers versus cabinets
Drawers versus cabinets

7. Plan a Smooth Working Area

Space between work areas for cooking, washing, and storing is the primary concern. And that decides how ideal the kitchen is. Bad planning of space leads to messing up the whole area. Make sure to leave a three-feet gap between the various countertop and other section for smooth movement. Prefer integrating the appliances in the kitchen to minimise the clutter and that provides a larger worktop area.

8. Proper Ventilation Is a Must

Ventilation is the most underrated aspect of modern-day housing. It is related to safety, therefore, must be the topmost priority while planning for a modular kitchen. Moreover, leave space for a large window in the kitchen area. Furthermore, if space is limited, then go for a powerful chimney and exhaust at the right place to avoid any mishap in future.

Proper ventilation in modular kitchen
Proper ventilation in modular kitchen

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