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Types of Modular Kitchen. No. 5 is the most loved one.

Modular Kitchen comes in various shapes and designs. It totally depends on the space and how much you feel like spending in getting yourself a modular kitchen. It has multiple layout patterns, and you can choose what suits your area the most.

Let’s have a look at the various layouts of the Modular Kitchen:-

1. L-Shaped Layout

As the name suggests, this layout is in the L-shape and is usually the most common type of design among the modular kitchen. It is ideal for those having left a small area for the kitchen but wants the modular one inside their home. The L shaped layout makes space for the accommodation of a small dining table and also provides space for more people to work inside the kitchen at the same time. The main advantage of the L-shape layout is despite being small, it still includes versatility, space, and ease inside the kitchen.


L-shaped modular kitchen layout
L-shaped modular kitchen layout


L-shaped modular kitchen design
L-shaped kitchen design

2. Straight Layout

People living in a studio apartment or small flats prefer to get a straight layout of the modular kitchen. You don’t need to assign a separate space for a kitchen having a straight design. Despite not employing a work triangle, it still provides a smooth workflow. There are some instances where people have a bigger space even go for straight layout as it doesn’t obstruct. Being compact and versatile, it is also considered an ideal design for the kitchen.

Straight modular kitchen layout
Straight modular kitchen layout


Straight modular kitchen design
Straight kitchen design

3. U-Shaped Layout

If you are living in a bigger flat or having your personal home with lots of space, nothing can be better than a U-Shaped Modular Kitchen layout. It offers more area for each and everything you want to do inside your kitchen. You will get extra space for cooking, washing and preparation areas.

U-shaped modular kitchen layout
U-shaped modular kitchen layout

If you are looking for the most efficient work triangle, then U-Shaped Modular Kitchen is the best option for you. It offers the maximum storage and is ideal for large families and large gatherings. This type of kitchen has the most significant countertop space.

U-shaped modular kitchen design
U-shaped kitchen design

4. Parallel Or Gallery Layout

Parallel Layout is like a smaller version of the U-shaped kitchen. It is also sometimes known as the Gallery Layout modular kitchen. It consists of two parallel countertops, and you can divide your work easily into wet and dry areas facing each other. This layout has one of the largest and longest working areas inside the kitchen. It is ideal for a longitudinal space for cooking. The best advantage of having a parallel layout is, it serves as a passage or the utility balcony is directly accessible. It has no obstruction in the space, and the flow and movement are smooth to the adjacent area.

"Parallel modular kitchen layout
Parallel modular kitchen layout


Parallel modular kitchen design
Parallel kitchen design

5. Island Layout

Believe me, Island comes out to be the most elegant and modern looking kitchen design of all. It is generally a blend of straight type or l type layout with an isolated island placed in between the space. The island serves the various purpose like a breakfast table or dry working zone. It is among the most ideal plan for open kitchen and workspace. When it comes to versatility, Island layout tops the list. It not only helps in the creation of numerous separate storage units for keeping food and appliances but offers a great look and feel at the same time.

Island modular kitchen layout
Island modular kitchen layout


Island modular kitchen design
Island kitchen design

6. G-Shaped Or Peninsula Layout

G-shaped Layout is for those having a small area for kitchen still looking to get the Island layout for their available space. It’s indeed similar to an island kitchen. The difference is that the island, in this case, is joint to the counter and mostly acts as a breakfast table. If you can’t accommodate a dining table due to space constraints, go for this layout.

G-shaped modular kitchen layout
G-shaped modular kitchen layout


G-shaped modular kitchen design
G-shaped modular kitchen design

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