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Celebrate your Wardrobe

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Wardrobes play an interesting role in our lives, they help us look our best wherever we go. Wouldn’t you want your wardrobe to be elegant and classy, just like you? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Today we will be talking about the types of Wardrobes and how you can maximize their efficiency. Today, we have our interior designers share trade secrets when it comes to designing and remodeling wardrobes and almirah.


A perfect wardrobe design will result in a clutter-free room and incur a calm and peaceful environment. Choose between Hinged, Sliding, and Walk-in Wardrobe designs for your bedroom.


Hinged Wardrobe and Almirah

almirah, wardrobe, almirah deisgn, wardrobe design, ambience home decor

Ideal for almost any type of space, hinged wardrobes take more space and look pretty boring when compared to its counterparts. This almirah can also fit in between asymmetrical spaces in a bedroom. Still, this specific wardrobe design is cheaper to install and maintain. So if you are looking for a more economical wardrobe design solution this Diwali, go for the Hinged Wardrobe design.


Sliding Wardrobe and Almirah

almirah, wardrobe, almirah deisgn, wardrobe design, ambience home decor

This simple yet elegant wardrobe design can be fixed upon a single wall in your bedroom without taking a lot of the space. Built with sliding doors on metal channels, these wardrobes are a bit on the expensive side as they cost around twice the price of hinged almirah of similar size. If you are looking to stand out from your peers and show-off this Diwali, go get this beautiful Sliding almirah design for your home now!


Walk-in Closets

almirah, wardrobe, almirah deisgn, wardrobe design, ambience home decor

Ideal for large rooms and bungalows, Walk-in closets are all the rage right now. This wardrobe design features a separate changing area and additional storage options, helping keep your room clutter-free and neat at all times. Despite being the costliest to build, this almirah design will definitely set you apart from the crowd and help you stay classy this Diwali.


The days of untidy bedrooms are a thing of the past, let our top Interior Designers tell you about a few tips to help you better manage your wardrobes and class-up this Diwali.


You can add sections to your wardrobe to organize your clothes in a better manner. You can use removable dividers and risers to separate items and store double layered clothes in your almirah.

Use shelves or mini-baskets to increase storage area and store small items. This is ideal for sliding and hinged almirah, available exclusively at Ambience Home Decor.

Putting in a small light fixture will increase visibility and help with the aesthetics of your wardrobe. At minimal cost, use light in your next almirah design provided by Ambience Home Decor.

Add colour to your next almirah by using veneers, laminates, and wooden sheets. Use suitable colours options that compliment the room, which will help in the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. All of these are available in Patna exclusively at Ambience Home Decor.


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