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What is Modular Kitchen?

The journey of Modular Kitchen

Earlier houses were quite big, and every part of the house had ample amount of space for proper design. Furniture installation was not a big deal during that time, and one could find it in any or every corner of the house. As time passes by, people start moving towards the city for better livelihood and opportunity.

Modular kitchen design by ambience home decor
Modular kitchen design by ambience home decor

To get the best out of their life, they move to the small, or say, tiny house or apartment as per their comfort. As space shrinks, people find it hard to fit each and everything in their home. And the kitchen is the worst affected part of the house left with very little space.

It’s already in Metro Cities

If we talk of metro cities like Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore then getting a house in such towns is itself an achievement. A sufficiently sized kitchen is something that’s still a part of the luxury, and very few people can afford to have. These days, the optimum utilisation of space is something people look for in their house.

That’s where the role of Modular Kitchen comes into play. Today’s challenges associated with space is bridged by interior designers, and their role is increasing more than earlier. The ultimate goal of homeowners these days is, to get everything as per their choice within the available area and as per their choice and decoration.

Modular Kitchen Design by Ambience Home Decor
Modular Kitchen Design

Though Modular kitchen has its appearance in India for quite some time, these days it’s taking the pace with the middle class. If you are new and looking for the best possible way to get your Modular Kitchen, this article will surely help you out.

So, What exactly is Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchen is a term for the modern kitchen furniture layout. It consists of various modules of cabinets designed from diversified materials to keep accessories inside. It helps in the practical usage of the spaces in a kitchen. There are multiple parts of the modular kitchen:-

1. Floor Units:- These units are kept on the floor. It is that part of the kitchen where you keep heavy and big utensils. The box has a slider which is easy to pull and push when needed. Moreover, people prefer keeping food items like rice, wheat, and other kinds of stuff inside the floor units as it’s easier to pick and use. There is also a gas cylinder cabinet in the floor unit for easy removal and usability.

Floor units of Modular Kitchen by Ambience Home Decor
Floor units of Modular Kitchen

2. Floor Cabinets:- It is the part where the kitchen worktop including the stove sits off. We strongly recommend using granite and marble for this. The reason marble and granite sit on the top as it is the place where you do a lot of waterworks.

Floor Cabinets of Modular Kitchen by Ambience Home Decor
Floor Cabinets of Modular Kitchen

3. Wall Cabinets:- The units fixed on the wall as a storage unit. You can keep anything you like inside these cabinets. It is easy to reach and even more comfortable to operate, thanks to the sliders.

Wall cabinet design by Ambience Home Decor
Wall cabinet design

4. Chimney:- The most essential part of the modular kitchen. It shows the way to unwanted smells and smokes out of the kitchen.

Chimney in Modular Kitchen by Ambience Home Decor
Chimney in Modular Kitchen

Other things include internal accessories, hob, built-in-oven, a big sink with or without drain board. Sometimes it also contains a refrigerator, dishwasher or other appliances.

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